Hotel Dionysus
Our Heroes have bad manners

The first day that our Heroes stayed at the Mansion of the Amazons, they continued to argue about their 'people skills,' or truly their lack thereof. Charybdis, though entertained, told the Band the dangers of their brusque interactive nature, reminding them that there wouldn't always be someone like her to save them from people like Hippolyta and Elysia. After that conversation, our Heroes mentioned what had really brought them there to begin with, the mysterious List. Though not having much information, the Amazons explained as much as they could. Primarily, they were able to identify the various languages on the list, all but one. 

The talk of the list was interrupted by the realization that Val was Sheila's sister, and was vigil branded by her. This seemed like common knowledge with no significance, until our Heroes learned that Sheila and Elysia had a violent past, of the nearly fatal sort. The panic was calmed by the assurance that Val could calm Sheila, and offered to leave. The gesture was accepted kindly.

After the meal and relaxation, our Heroes were shown to their rooms, each of which had a big, beautiful bed with glorious red silk sheets, to match the red silk pajamas waiting for them all. On the opposite side of the room, each separate bedroom had a large, elaborate bookshelf, wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, full of books that related strongly to each character. Ari's room, additionally, contained a similarly sized fish tank, with species of fish unknown to any of the Heroes. 

Through the night, our heroes battled a fierce foe: bedsheets. With the pajamas given, it took true grace and athleticism to find their way into bed and stay there. This challenge, combined with all the events of the day, pushed Jacob to drink to sickness, a sound Val was very familiar with. She was truly heroic, spending the night with him as he became sick, staying in the bathroom, and nursing him water.

Many of our Heroes spent the night reading books from their Wondrous shelves, some not sleeping at all.

Cole, however, snuck out of his room in the night, and went to see Hippolyta, who was awake as well. He requested of her, a game of chess. The two played chess all night, her winning every round of the game, though Cole was victorious in his true intent.

The Queen of the Amazons
And all the rest of them

Last we saw our Heroes, they were closing their eyes tight as they drove straight off of a cliff to save their compatriot, Izzy. Moments later, they found themselves confused and relieved, as well as on solid ground. Screeching to a halt, Cole slid up next to the custom supercar (which really upset him far more than the capture), and piled himself into the car to throw punches at the driver. Ari stopped a little farther away, not confronting anyone just yet. Jacob and Rosa's cars followed soon after, in a similar pattern.

The mysterious driver of the captor's car jumped out, bringing Izzy with her, and eventually the other captor followed. They unbagged Izzy, and that was roughly when the Band realized they were standing before a beautiful castle, mostly due to the very intimidating women that came pouring out of it. Three women came out to stop the conflict, all upwards of 6'4" in stature. Joining them, the driver took off her helmet and shook out her short black hair. The conflict calmed in the face of quells from both sides, and Charybdis, the driver, invited the Band in for dinner as an apology. As Hippolyta, the tallest of them and the apparent leader, went to send our Heroes away, Charybdis shouted excitedly that she had already invited them to stay, as though some sort of game that had her giggling. With a groan, their leader allowed the Band in. 

Inside the doors were walls of beautiful white marble, with the lightest grey swirling. Everything that could be gold seemed to be gold. The hallways were winding, but the Amazons seemed keen on no one getting lost on the way to dinner, especially those like Rosa with wandering hands. As they walked, the smells began to flow freely, melting away the stresses of their recent adventures.

They reached the dining room, a large opulent dining table of wood before them, with many chairs. At the opposite end are five chairs, each unique, but larger than the rest, with cuts out of the floor to accommodate very tall people such as these larger-than-life women. This, however, was too exciting for Rosa to consider carefully, and she ran to the largest chair like a modern Goldilocks story, angering the largest bear in the room unintentionally. As she sat swinging her legs from the chair, her Band stared with wide eyes, in complete shock. In mockery, Katie says it is offensive to her that the dining area is comprised of chairs. Hippolyta takes this opportunity to agree, and move to a traditional Japanese styled dining area, where she seats herself and her own Band in their proper spaces, allowing our Heroes a moment to breathe. 

Conversation ensues, rudely for the most part, and food is brought out of each person's favorite or currently desired variety. The caveat being, the food is brought out by a Minotaur wearing a chef's hat, terrifying Rosa. Val stared at her shepherd's pie, trying to decide between magic or racism. The rest simply enjoyed their expertly cooked meal, though Katie requests to pet the Minotaur, Jerrod. Our Heroes do manage to glean the parentage of each of the Amazons, being quite far from their own guesses. Eventually, as usual, the Band asked if there was a Hot Tub in the castle. Hippolyta laughed at their question, while drinking from the endless goblet in her hand. They all rose from the dining area, and convened to the Hot Tub. Not every Amazon joined them, but all of them stripped down to bare skin before entering. Hippolyta kept her belt very, very close to her. 

Have our Heroes walked into a dangerous trap, or have they found themselves powerful allies? Perhaps it depends on their own behavior, or perhaps it is determine by Fate.

A Midsummer Night's Nightmare
Or fever dream, if you prefer

Upon reading into the possible leads for the List, our Heroes found themselves doing something that some had never considered they would do: attending local theater. While Ari looked into the lead of Airforce Major Ellen Fotos by talking to his close cousin Joanie, a member of the Airforce under Major Fotos, the rest of our Heroes gathered their nice® clothing, and a bouquet of special flowers to send just the right message.

Jacob found himself in nearly large trouble with the Airforce when calling their line repeatedly, and saying some very strange things to their attendant. Joanie found a way to smooth this over, but she couldn't work magic to keep Jacob from being strange after the fact.

When Joanie and Ari got to their lunch together, and Major Fotos' name was mentioned, Joanie quickly escorted them out of the quiet restaurant, back to her apartment. When they arrived at her home, she quickly lashed out about nearly getting them in serious trouble, and demanded an explanation. Ari responded by lifting her fridge. After a long talk, he received a secure line to Joanie, and a promise for her to do what she could, and a demand for an explanation of "all of this," but later. After she'd had a nap.

Our Heroes reconvened at the play, all sidling into a row together. They watched, sort of enjoying it, until it occurred to Jacob during the second act that one of the thespians had been switched out, thanks to his ability to determine the health of those he is viewing. Acting quickly, Izzy gave the bouquet to the very large man guarding the back stage access, requesting it be given to the actor portraying Galatea. It was tossed behind him, and a scrambling stage hand picked it up. Cole found this distasteful, and tried to get him to quite literally bend to his will, by dropping money and requesting he pick it up. The guard slid it with his foot to the excited stage hand. 

Shortly after, our Heroes took off in a whirlwind to investigate, something being quite wrong here. Why would one switch out a perfectly good lead? In the lobby they were confronted once more by the guard (dubbed 'Cobra Bubbles' by Cole, Bubbles for short), and things became violent. Cole began poking the man's chest, provoking, and finally swung at him, at which time Bubbles grabbed hold of his wrist and snapped it. Cole, however, would tell you that it was the force of his punch that broke those bones, if he could tell you this tale. 

Meanwhile, Izzy had gone first, and by her lonesome gone around to the back of the building. Thanks to her now incredible fortitude, the ichor in her very being, she withstood the blow intended to knock her out cold. This did not, however, save her from having a bag swiftly fastened around her head, and her wrists bound, while she was carried off and tossed in the back of a somewhat cramped car. The two complained at the other, while Izzy worked at loosening her bonds, with her hands and her words. After an exasperated plea that she was clearly not going anywhere, but would still continue to break the bonds, her captor cut the zipties.

The rest of our heroes, hearing a super car speed off, panicked and ran around to the back of the building. Realizing their own Bandmate was gone, they took to their vehicles and let Cole do his thing. He put pedal to the metal, with little regard for the civic laws and courtesies. Ari took a different route, Bhaskara taking him through the hills and backwoods like a knife through warmed butter. Cole watched as the custom supercar raced off with his, well, friend is a strong word, but his Bandmate. Our other heroes watched with bated breath, hoping for the best while they were quickly outpaced.

Back in the captor's car, Izzy listened to the bickering while she quietly thumbed her phone, taking GPS snapshots to send back to Val, who played careful but eager co-pilot to Cole. Val, however, did not consider whether the phone on the other end might make noise and get Izzy caught. By writing this, you can assume that is exactly what happened. The most vocal captor grabbed the phone from Izzy, and smashed it, disgruntled to say the least. Not long after, Izzy felt a drop in her stomach, and didn't have much understanding of why.

The others, though, they knew just why their stomachs were dropping, and questioned their life decisions at this moment. Both Cole and Ari had floored it towards a cliff after the captors, hoping desperately that there was something on the other side, and that they weren't about to crash face down into a chasm.

The List
So began the most complicated Scavenger Hunt

After all of the excitement of Krampusnacht, our Heroes had to return to a semblance of mundane life, one would assume. One would be wrong. Izzy received a call from Odetta, her employer and mentor at the occult shop. Speaking with urgency and secrecy, Odetta called her in to the shop for an unmentioned reason. Upon arrival, Izzy found the shop closed, shuttered and all, but entered. Through the sham of a storefront, through the moderate level of truth in the books behind that, and into the back of the store where few were allowed, with the true occult, Izzy traveled to find Odetta, sitting anxiously, beside a man dressed in all black leather, from coat to gloves to boots, complemented by black hat and glasses, to hide all of his visage. The conversation had was brief, but veiled in secrecy. In the end, Izzy was given a roll of fine paper, on it written several lines of names, grouped by language, some in red, most in black, and one crossed off. Izzy left with confusion and shivers, not to mention overtime hours owed to Odetta for the bother (at least one could assume). 

When Izzy returned with this information, the Band became abuzz with ideas. What was this list? What languages are these? Can anyone read this? Are they names? Who are they? Scions? Bands? Enemies? Friends? None of the above? And why the colors? What happened to the name crossed off? Who was that man, and why did he give Izzy this? Essentially, they were at a loss. 

Our heroes decided to start where they could get a foothold; They identified the names on the list written in old Greek, based on seeing them in literature. The names in red. This ran them right into another wall, however. These can't be actual people, who names their child after the queen of the Amazons, the ever churning whirlpool, or the mother of Zeus? Nevertheless, they formulated a plan using their ever reliable Board Room.

Three leads were achieved: A local rendition of Midsummer Night's Dream, a local Airforce hero named Ellen Fotos, and a biker gang called the Amazons.

It was time to really dig deep, and face danger. It was time to attend a local theater.

"How do you Sacrifice a metaphor?"

Following Krampusnacht, the Band found themselves confused, but excited and filled with wonder at their new gifts! The experiments lasted very little time, however, before Izzy's proclamation of outrage at the waste of blood earned the eye of her divine parentage, once and for all. She sat, almost in a meditation, and found herself in a beautiful, bountiful jungle of plants unknown to her. She found there her father, Xipe Totec, a man of golden skin unsatisfied enough to wear the skins of others. When she returned, she found that the others had continued the experiments to the detriment of others! Valory had unleashed a live horse within the Yurt, crushing a number of the group. Ari suffered a broken foot, Izzy and Katie both lethal wounds without intervention. Izzy found herself with incredible durability, and was nearly untouched by the horse's hooves. Katie, required more assistance. Short prayers brought up the icy chill of Hel herself, and her brutal hands tore each piece to the normal configuration. What a dizzying day for our heroes! Jacob as well found himself in the face of his parentage, when his mother Parvati deemed him worthy and bestowed his powers upon him. Ari found himself receiving such a visit shortly after, but covertly! A secret to be kept from the world as his mother Heshon warned. 

Our heroes surround in mystery and intrigue, danger and excitement! We stay tuned as always. 

Krampusnacht, pt 2!
The Hunt begins...

Numerous warnings followed the Band regarding the Wild Hunt and Krampusnacht, leading the group to believe that the safest plan was to barricade themselves indoors and seal the entrances with salt, or, if caught outside, stand in the middle of the road. After quite a lot of bickering as to where the best place to close themselves in was, finally, they agreed to return to the KOA, to their temporary home. Some stowed away inside Katie's mysterious Cart, and the rest hid themselves inside the Yurt and braced themselves for what they feared may be an onslaught. Fear began to overcome Valory, for the briefest moment, until Jacob gave the most encouraging speech he could. At that moment, Valory pulled herself together in order to protect her own, realizing Jacob's fragility. Once the raging outside stopped, with a snarling specter outside the windows, and the others ran in to assure that everyone was safe, Valory fell to the ground, bathed in light. Cole caught her as she experienced a Visit from Lugh, who informed her that he was her father, and of some of the diving goings on.

Upon waking, Valory gave her knowledge to the others. After some arguing, Valory proved her divinity by placing a Vigil Brand on two of her Bandmates, not including the accidental one on Cole. It was decided that everyone needed a bit of sleep.

In the morning, when the snow was gone, and May had returned, the group returned to the Hot Tub, the site of many of their important thoughts. Katie had begun mucking about with her Calligraphy set, and painted a butterfly that came to life for a short time. Then, the idea was given for her to paint on a tree. She painted a beautiful face on the tree, just before falling over in the glowing aura that Valory had, again to be caught by Cole. This time, Katie spoke to a woman in a mountain cave, by the name of Amaterasu. After her questions and brief talk, Katie awoke, and with her, the tree. It began to speak, features moving just as easily as a human face. The Band asked a few questions of it, before returning it to sleep as politely as they could. 

It seems that the Band has far more questions than answers.

In a town of Yuletide...

The Band awoke to the soft sound of bells and the chills of winter, as outside their windows, snow fell. Each of our heroes found that a gift, wrapped brightly, had been left inside of their chilly shoes, placed just inside the door. As the group excitedly tried to determine what the gifts meant, and what they did, it was brought to their attention that the town was exclaiming, "Yuletide!" and that it was December 24th. Along with this, however, was the warning of Krampusnacht, and the Wild Hunt, two winter mythos from different belief systems. More alarmingly at first, though, was the inability to reach Sheila, Valory's sister, by phone, after she informed the Band that it was not at all the beginning of winter. Family members, such as Jacob's sister, of the others, seemed to be just fine and reachable. So instead, the Band decided to venture into town, to investigate for themselves, and perhaps hunker down at a familiar bar for safety…

Why am I so sleepy?

The Band finally made their way (a little unsteadily for some) to the Home Depot for replacement tools, and while Izzy spent a little time window-shopping for plants, she ran (literally!) into Ari! Unfortunately for the group, he has no idea how he got there, or where his keys and phone were. His pockets were only filled with thorns. After getting what they needed, our Heroes congregate in the parking lot, when Jacob receives what he thought was a very exciting text message from his boss, followed by a picture of a body, which caused him to lose his breakfast, dinner, and lunch! Time seemed to rush by while they yelled about skin thieves, until they are chased out of the parking lot altogether by an exhausted employee. For most of the Band, it's time to seek a place to sleep, and Ari leads the way to a KOA. For Izzy and Jacob, off to the morgue.

After argument with his boss involving… Something about an egg salad? The two are let in to examine the report on the body. The information helps them narrow things down, and gives some disturbing insight, but they decide it's time to rest as well. Once they've all gone to sleep, mysterious and unsettling dreams creep over them all…

Each awakes at the same time. What does the next day hold? 

Devil Dirt

When the heroes returned to their Waffle House meetup spot after some much needed rest and time to research, short their large Samoan friend Ari, they found that something was missing— The Waffle House! Only the parking lot remained, with some suspicious things upon close investigation. The space on which it stood was cleaner than the asphalt around it, and half of a lovely pearl and Mother of pearl necklace was found paved over, and quickly dug out by an over-eager Valory, much to Cole's delight. As Rosa investigated, however, a mysterious animal shape appeared just for a moment in what looked like an oil stain, which the Band quickly dug up as well. Screams of terror and faces pulling up through the ground below, and dragged back down, greeted them underneath. Tools remained stuck in the earth they jammed them into, and those that touched the mysterious spot found themselves wracked with unusual visions, pains, and even in states similar to being comatose for a short time. Eventually, Valory, who had decided to, quote, "Fuck this shit," received a call from her long separated sister. With Sheila's warning, the group quickly left, while Valory received the beginnings of an explanation of their divine situation, and revealed that she is actually the daughter of the Morrigan herself! Valory was shocked, but was busy with her excitement to hear from her sister once more. Now, it was about time to replace the tools that had been broken. Sort of.

Valory deceptively led the group to the nearest Waffle House, from which the heroes were rather promptly kicked out of for "disorderly conduct," as Katie loudly discussed making a Waffle House disappear, and a family left the restaurant. The Waitress asked her to keep it down, and was then told she'd disappear too. Katie was told to leave by the manager, and as she defiantly knocked over her glass, he caught it and set it aside. Curious, Cole knocked his over as well, and was kicked out as well after the manager caught the second glass. Instead of investigating, Katie and Cole got drunk in the Wooden Cart, called in a car as stolen after messing it up a bit, and as a result, Katie found herself profiled upon the arrival of the police, and shot with a taser. The Band came to her rescue, and Jacob de-escalated the situation, and the Band made their way out while the employees were busy with the officers.

Now if only Valory could figure out how to open Cole's hot rod…

Caramel Man Starts Tornado
"Caramel Brown, it could have been my name!"

The cops can't arrest a twister, they can arrest me!

Voodoo Terrorism/Voodoo Tourism/Voodoo Bullshit

The heroes find themselves confronted with an extremely sudden twister, right in the center of the circus tent. Many of the mortals at the circus are swept up in the winds, carried into the sky, along with our trapeze artist! 

Some characters were able to stand their own ground, others found cover, and others still were snatched by mysterious assistants, out of harms way, as time started once more. Both the Irish woman and the Trapeze artist are yet to be seen again, though a similar looking Irish woman was briefly seen taking away our activist and potentially saving her life. As our foundry working racer hid for his life, he heard and felt an icy chill, telling him that "Today [was] not [his] day", as the tornado froze from the ground all the way up to the sky, before cracking and shattering with an incredible boom. No debris came down from the twister, and our heroes made their way to the nearest Waffle House to sort this out. A trusted Occult Store Owner informed the group that, essentially, they're stuck together!

Stuck together for what, you'll have to stay tuned to find out. 


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