Caramel Man Starts Tornado

"Caramel Brown, it could have been my name!"

The cops can't arrest a twister, they can arrest me!

Voodoo Terrorism/Voodoo Tourism/Voodoo Bullshit

The heroes find themselves confronted with an extremely sudden twister, right in the center of the circus tent. Many of the mortals at the circus are swept up in the winds, carried into the sky, along with our trapeze artist! 

Some characters were able to stand their own ground, others found cover, and others still were snatched by mysterious assistants, out of harms way, as time started once more. Both the Irish woman and the Trapeze artist are yet to be seen again, though a similar looking Irish woman was briefly seen taking away our activist and potentially saving her life. As our foundry working racer hid for his life, he heard and felt an icy chill, telling him that "Today [was] not [his] day", as the tornado froze from the ground all the way up to the sky, before cracking and shattering with an incredible boom. No debris came down from the twister, and our heroes made their way to the nearest Waffle House to sort this out. A trusted Occult Store Owner informed the group that, essentially, they're stuck together!

Stuck together for what, you'll have to stay tuned to find out. 


pretty_androgyn pretty_androgyn

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