In a town of Yuletide...

The Band awoke to the soft sound of bells and the chills of winter, as outside their windows, snow fell. Each of our heroes found that a gift, wrapped brightly, had been left inside of their chilly shoes, placed just inside the door. As the group excitedly tried to determine what the gifts meant, and what they did, it was brought to their attention that the town was exclaiming, "Yuletide!" and that it was December 24th. Along with this, however, was the warning of Krampusnacht, and the Wild Hunt, two winter mythos from different belief systems. More alarmingly at first, though, was the inability to reach Sheila, Valory's sister, by phone, after she informed the Band that it was not at all the beginning of winter. Family members, such as Jacob's sister, of the others, seemed to be just fine and reachable. So instead, the Band decided to venture into town, to investigate for themselves, and perhaps hunker down at a familiar bar for safety…


pretty_androgyn pretty_androgyn

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