Krampusnacht, pt 2!

The Hunt begins...

Numerous warnings followed the Band regarding the Wild Hunt and Krampusnacht, leading the group to believe that the safest plan was to barricade themselves indoors and seal the entrances with salt, or, if caught outside, stand in the middle of the road. After quite a lot of bickering as to where the best place to close themselves in was, finally, they agreed to return to the KOA, to their temporary home. Some stowed away inside Katie's mysterious Cart, and the rest hid themselves inside the Yurt and braced themselves for what they feared may be an onslaught. Fear began to overcome Valory, for the briefest moment, until Jacob gave the most encouraging speech he could. At that moment, Valory pulled herself together in order to protect her own, realizing Jacob's fragility. Once the raging outside stopped, with a snarling specter outside the windows, and the others ran in to assure that everyone was safe, Valory fell to the ground, bathed in light. Cole caught her as she experienced a Visit from Lugh, who informed her that he was her father, and of some of the diving goings on.

Upon waking, Valory gave her knowledge to the others. After some arguing, Valory proved her divinity by placing a Vigil Brand on two of her Bandmates, not including the accidental one on Cole. It was decided that everyone needed a bit of sleep.

In the morning, when the snow was gone, and May had returned, the group returned to the Hot Tub, the site of many of their important thoughts. Katie had begun mucking about with her Calligraphy set, and painted a butterfly that came to life for a short time. Then, the idea was given for her to paint on a tree. She painted a beautiful face on the tree, just before falling over in the glowing aura that Valory had, again to be caught by Cole. This time, Katie spoke to a woman in a mountain cave, by the name of Amaterasu. After her questions and brief talk, Katie awoke, and with her, the tree. It began to speak, features moving just as easily as a human face. The Band asked a few questions of it, before returning it to sleep as politely as they could. 

It seems that the Band has far more questions than answers.


pretty_androgyn pretty_androgyn

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