The List

So began the most complicated Scavenger Hunt

After all of the excitement of Krampusnacht, our Heroes had to return to a semblance of mundane life, one would assume. One would be wrong. Izzy received a call from Odetta, her employer and mentor at the occult shop. Speaking with urgency and secrecy, Odetta called her in to the shop for an unmentioned reason. Upon arrival, Izzy found the shop closed, shuttered and all, but entered. Through the sham of a storefront, through the moderate level of truth in the books behind that, and into the back of the store where few were allowed, with the true occult, Izzy traveled to find Odetta, sitting anxiously, beside a man dressed in all black leather, from coat to gloves to boots, complemented by black hat and glasses, to hide all of his visage. The conversation had was brief, but veiled in secrecy. In the end, Izzy was given a roll of fine paper, on it written several lines of names, grouped by language, some in red, most in black, and one crossed off. Izzy left with confusion and shivers, not to mention overtime hours owed to Odetta for the bother (at least one could assume). 

When Izzy returned with this information, the Band became abuzz with ideas. What was this list? What languages are these? Can anyone read this? Are they names? Who are they? Scions? Bands? Enemies? Friends? None of the above? And why the colors? What happened to the name crossed off? Who was that man, and why did he give Izzy this? Essentially, they were at a loss. 

Our heroes decided to start where they could get a foothold; They identified the names on the list written in old Greek, based on seeing them in literature. The names in red. This ran them right into another wall, however. These can't be actual people, who names their child after the queen of the Amazons, the ever churning whirlpool, or the mother of Zeus? Nevertheless, they formulated a plan using their ever reliable Board Room.

Three leads were achieved: A local rendition of Midsummer Night's Dream, a local Airforce hero named Ellen Fotos, and a biker gang called the Amazons.

It was time to really dig deep, and face danger. It was time to attend a local theater.


pretty_androgyn pretty_androgyn

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