Why am I so sleepy?

The Band finally made their way (a little unsteadily for some) to the Home Depot for replacement tools, and while Izzy spent a little time window-shopping for plants, she ran (literally!) into Ari! Unfortunately for the group, he has no idea how he got there, or where his keys and phone were. His pockets were only filled with thorns. After getting what they needed, our Heroes congregate in the parking lot, when Jacob receives what he thought was a very exciting text message from his boss, followed by a picture of a body, which caused him to lose his breakfast, dinner, and lunch! Time seemed to rush by while they yelled about skin thieves, until they are chased out of the parking lot altogether by an exhausted employee. For most of the Band, it's time to seek a place to sleep, and Ari leads the way to a KOA. For Izzy and Jacob, off to the morgue.

After argument with his boss involving… Something about an egg salad? The two are let in to examine the report on the body. The information helps them narrow things down, and gives some disturbing insight, but they decide it's time to rest as well. Once they've all gone to sleep, mysterious and unsettling dreams creep over them all…

Each awakes at the same time. What does the next day hold? 


pretty_androgyn pretty_androgyn

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