"How do you Sacrifice a metaphor?"

Following Krampusnacht, the Band found themselves confused, but excited and filled with wonder at their new gifts! The experiments lasted very little time, however, before Izzy's proclamation of outrage at the waste of blood earned the eye of her divine parentage, once and for all. She sat, almost in a meditation, and found herself in a beautiful, bountiful jungle of plants unknown to her. She found there her father, Xipe Totec, a man of golden skin unsatisfied enough to wear the skins of others. When she returned, she found that the others had continued the experiments to the detriment of others! Valory had unleashed a live horse within the Yurt, crushing a number of the group. Ari suffered a broken foot, Izzy and Katie both lethal wounds without intervention. Izzy found herself with incredible durability, and was nearly untouched by the horse's hooves. Katie, required more assistance. Short prayers brought up the icy chill of Hel herself, and her brutal hands tore each piece to the normal configuration. What a dizzying day for our heroes! Jacob as well found himself in the face of his parentage, when his mother Parvati deemed him worthy and bestowed his powers upon him. Ari found himself receiving such a visit shortly after, but covertly! A secret to be kept from the world as his mother Heshon warned. 

Our heroes surround in mystery and intrigue, danger and excitement! We stay tuned as always. 


pretty_androgyn pretty_androgyn

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