Devil Dirt

When the heroes returned to their Waffle House meetup spot after some much needed rest and time to research, short their large Samoan friend Ari, they found that something was missing— The Waffle House! Only the parking lot remained, with some suspicious things upon close investigation. The space on which it stood was cleaner than the asphalt around it, and half of a lovely pearl and Mother of pearl necklace was found paved over, and quickly dug out by an over-eager Valory, much to Cole's delight. As Rosa investigated, however, a mysterious animal shape appeared just for a moment in what looked like an oil stain, which the Band quickly dug up as well. Screams of terror and faces pulling up through the ground below, and dragged back down, greeted them underneath. Tools remained stuck in the earth they jammed them into, and those that touched the mysterious spot found themselves wracked with unusual visions, pains, and even in states similar to being comatose for a short time. Eventually, Valory, who had decided to, quote, "Fuck this shit," received a call from her long separated sister. With Sheila's warning, the group quickly left, while Valory received the beginnings of an explanation of their divine situation, and revealed that she is actually the daughter of the Morrigan herself! Valory was shocked, but was busy with her excitement to hear from her sister once more. Now, it was about time to replace the tools that had been broken. Sort of.

Valory deceptively led the group to the nearest Waffle House, from which the heroes were rather promptly kicked out of for "disorderly conduct," as Katie loudly discussed making a Waffle House disappear, and a family left the restaurant. The Waitress asked her to keep it down, and was then told she'd disappear too. Katie was told to leave by the manager, and as she defiantly knocked over her glass, he caught it and set it aside. Curious, Cole knocked his over as well, and was kicked out as well after the manager caught the second glass. Instead of investigating, Katie and Cole got drunk in the Wooden Cart, called in a car as stolen after messing it up a bit, and as a result, Katie found herself profiled upon the arrival of the police, and shot with a taser. The Band came to her rescue, and Jacob de-escalated the situation, and the Band made their way out while the employees were busy with the officers.

Now if only Valory could figure out how to open Cole's hot rod…


pretty_androgyn pretty_androgyn

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