A Midsummer Night's Nightmare

Or fever dream, if you prefer

Upon reading into the possible leads for the List, our Heroes found themselves doing something that some had never considered they would do: attending local theater. While Ari looked into the lead of Airforce Major Ellen Fotos by talking to his close cousin Joanie, a member of the Airforce under Major Fotos, the rest of our Heroes gathered their nice® clothing, and a bouquet of special flowers to send just the right message.

Jacob found himself in nearly large trouble with the Airforce when calling their line repeatedly, and saying some very strange things to their attendant. Joanie found a way to smooth this over, but she couldn't work magic to keep Jacob from being strange after the fact.

When Joanie and Ari got to their lunch together, and Major Fotos' name was mentioned, Joanie quickly escorted them out of the quiet restaurant, back to her apartment. When they arrived at her home, she quickly lashed out about nearly getting them in serious trouble, and demanded an explanation. Ari responded by lifting her fridge. After a long talk, he received a secure line to Joanie, and a promise for her to do what she could, and a demand for an explanation of "all of this," but later. After she'd had a nap.

Our Heroes reconvened at the play, all sidling into a row together. They watched, sort of enjoying it, until it occurred to Jacob during the second act that one of the thespians had been switched out, thanks to his ability to determine the health of those he is viewing. Acting quickly, Izzy gave the bouquet to the very large man guarding the back stage access, requesting it be given to the actor portraying Galatea. It was tossed behind him, and a scrambling stage hand picked it up. Cole found this distasteful, and tried to get him to quite literally bend to his will, by dropping money and requesting he pick it up. The guard slid it with his foot to the excited stage hand. 

Shortly after, our Heroes took off in a whirlwind to investigate, something being quite wrong here. Why would one switch out a perfectly good lead? In the lobby they were confronted once more by the guard (dubbed 'Cobra Bubbles' by Cole, Bubbles for short), and things became violent. Cole began poking the man's chest, provoking, and finally swung at him, at which time Bubbles grabbed hold of his wrist and snapped it. Cole, however, would tell you that it was the force of his punch that broke those bones, if he could tell you this tale. 

Meanwhile, Izzy had gone first, and by her lonesome gone around to the back of the building. Thanks to her now incredible fortitude, the ichor in her very being, she withstood the blow intended to knock her out cold. This did not, however, save her from having a bag swiftly fastened around her head, and her wrists bound, while she was carried off and tossed in the back of a somewhat cramped car. The two complained at the other, while Izzy worked at loosening her bonds, with her hands and her words. After an exasperated plea that she was clearly not going anywhere, but would still continue to break the bonds, her captor cut the zipties.

The rest of our heroes, hearing a super car speed off, panicked and ran around to the back of the building. Realizing their own Bandmate was gone, they took to their vehicles and let Cole do his thing. He put pedal to the metal, with little regard for the civic laws and courtesies. Ari took a different route, Bhaskara taking him through the hills and backwoods like a knife through warmed butter. Cole watched as the custom supercar raced off with his, well, friend is a strong word, but his Bandmate. Our other heroes watched with bated breath, hoping for the best while they were quickly outpaced.

Back in the captor's car, Izzy listened to the bickering while she quietly thumbed her phone, taking GPS snapshots to send back to Val, who played careful but eager co-pilot to Cole. Val, however, did not consider whether the phone on the other end might make noise and get Izzy caught. By writing this, you can assume that is exactly what happened. The most vocal captor grabbed the phone from Izzy, and smashed it, disgruntled to say the least. Not long after, Izzy felt a drop in her stomach, and didn't have much understanding of why.

The others, though, they knew just why their stomachs were dropping, and questioned their life decisions at this moment. Both Cole and Ari had floored it towards a cliff after the captors, hoping desperately that there was something on the other side, and that they weren't about to crash face down into a chasm.


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