Hotel Dionysus

Our Heroes have bad manners

The first day that our Heroes stayed at the Mansion of the Amazons, they continued to argue about their 'people skills,' or truly their lack thereof. Charybdis, though entertained, told the Band the dangers of their brusque interactive nature, reminding them that there wouldn't always be someone like her to save them from people like Hippolyta and Elysia. After that conversation, our Heroes mentioned what had really brought them there to begin with, the mysterious List. Though not having much information, the Amazons explained as much as they could. Primarily, they were able to identify the various languages on the list, all but one. 

The talk of the list was interrupted by the realization that Val was Sheila's sister, and was vigil branded by her. This seemed like common knowledge with no significance, until our Heroes learned that Sheila and Elysia had a violent past, of the nearly fatal sort. The panic was calmed by the assurance that Val could calm Sheila, and offered to leave. The gesture was accepted kindly.

After the meal and relaxation, our Heroes were shown to their rooms, each of which had a big, beautiful bed with glorious red silk sheets, to match the red silk pajamas waiting for them all. On the opposite side of the room, each separate bedroom had a large, elaborate bookshelf, wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, full of books that related strongly to each character. Ari's room, additionally, contained a similarly sized fish tank, with species of fish unknown to any of the Heroes. 

Through the night, our heroes battled a fierce foe: bedsheets. With the pajamas given, it took true grace and athleticism to find their way into bed and stay there. This challenge, combined with all the events of the day, pushed Jacob to drink to sickness, a sound Val was very familiar with. She was truly heroic, spending the night with him as he became sick, staying in the bathroom, and nursing him water.

Many of our Heroes spent the night reading books from their Wondrous shelves, some not sleeping at all.

Cole, however, snuck out of his room in the night, and went to see Hippolyta, who was awake as well. He requested of her, a game of chess. The two played chess all night, her winning every round of the game, though Cole was victorious in his true intent.


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