The Queen of the Amazons

And all the rest of them

Last we saw our Heroes, they were closing their eyes tight as they drove straight off of a cliff to save their compatriot, Izzy. Moments later, they found themselves confused and relieved, as well as on solid ground. Screeching to a halt, Cole slid up next to the custom supercar (which really upset him far more than the capture), and piled himself into the car to throw punches at the driver. Ari stopped a little farther away, not confronting anyone just yet. Jacob and Rosa's cars followed soon after, in a similar pattern.

The mysterious driver of the captor's car jumped out, bringing Izzy with her, and eventually the other captor followed. They unbagged Izzy, and that was roughly when the Band realized they were standing before a beautiful castle, mostly due to the very intimidating women that came pouring out of it. Three women came out to stop the conflict, all upwards of 6'4" in stature. Joining them, the driver took off her helmet and shook out her short black hair. The conflict calmed in the face of quells from both sides, and Charybdis, the driver, invited the Band in for dinner as an apology. As Hippolyta, the tallest of them and the apparent leader, went to send our Heroes away, Charybdis shouted excitedly that she had already invited them to stay, as though some sort of game that had her giggling. With a groan, their leader allowed the Band in. 

Inside the doors were walls of beautiful white marble, with the lightest grey swirling. Everything that could be gold seemed to be gold. The hallways were winding, but the Amazons seemed keen on no one getting lost on the way to dinner, especially those like Rosa with wandering hands. As they walked, the smells began to flow freely, melting away the stresses of their recent adventures.

They reached the dining room, a large opulent dining table of wood before them, with many chairs. At the opposite end are five chairs, each unique, but larger than the rest, with cuts out of the floor to accommodate very tall people such as these larger-than-life women. This, however, was too exciting for Rosa to consider carefully, and she ran to the largest chair like a modern Goldilocks story, angering the largest bear in the room unintentionally. As she sat swinging her legs from the chair, her Band stared with wide eyes, in complete shock. In mockery, Katie says it is offensive to her that the dining area is comprised of chairs. Hippolyta takes this opportunity to agree, and move to a traditional Japanese styled dining area, where she seats herself and her own Band in their proper spaces, allowing our Heroes a moment to breathe. 

Conversation ensues, rudely for the most part, and food is brought out of each person's favorite or currently desired variety. The caveat being, the food is brought out by a Minotaur wearing a chef's hat, terrifying Rosa. Val stared at her shepherd's pie, trying to decide between magic or racism. The rest simply enjoyed their expertly cooked meal, though Katie requests to pet the Minotaur, Jerrod. Our Heroes do manage to glean the parentage of each of the Amazons, being quite far from their own guesses. Eventually, as usual, the Band asked if there was a Hot Tub in the castle. Hippolyta laughed at their question, while drinking from the endless goblet in her hand. They all rose from the dining area, and convened to the Hot Tub. Not every Amazon joined them, but all of them stripped down to bare skin before entering. Hippolyta kept her belt very, very close to her. 

Have our Heroes walked into a dangerous trap, or have they found themselves powerful allies? Perhaps it depends on their own behavior, or perhaps it is determine by Fate.


pretty_androgyn pretty_androgyn

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